Fraud Investigation

Fraud comes in various formats and can be seriously detrimental to running a business.

It undermines growth, reputation and stability which could ultimately result in the business becoming insolvent. Tackling suspected fraud and mitigating the risk is crucial to keeping business reputation healthy.

Now more than ever, corporations need to know the people they employ are trustworthy and reliable.

You need to know valuable information is secure from competitors and does not fall into the wrong hands. You need to know your brand is protected from copyright infringement. You need to know the location and movements of key staff at any particular time.

Trust your Instincts and let us start investigating

Managing within a corporate environment can be stressful, especially when you suspect something isn't quite right?

At UK Security Services, our Professional Investigations team offers clients advice on mitigating the risks of fraud and provide structured investigation strategies to tackle suspected issues.

This includes initial advise on legal issues, strategic planning, staff allocation and evidential reports which can be used in any subsequent legal action or employment tribunal.

Evidence is Crucial

Confronting a complicit suspect prematurely, without first securing evidence, invariably results in incriminating material being concealed or destroyed. Where fraud is suspected therefore, it is vital that a skilled and coordinated covert investigation be initiated without delay.

The objective is to establish whether or not the initial suspicion is justified and, if so, to identify all parties involved, establish the extent of the fraud and assimilate evidence for subsequent proceedings.

Fraud we Investigate


False Accounting


Cheating on Expenses


Falsifying Documents


Tax Evasion


Money Laundering


Online Identity Fraud


VAT Fraud


Intellectual Property Theft

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Professional Investigation

UK Security Services Professional Investigations is a leading investigation company, committed to offering its customers a professional, effective and discreet service.

Over the past 30 years, UK Security Services have acquired an abundance of expertise and knowledge in providing leading security services all across the UK.

Our Investigation Strategy

Our Investigations Team have over 150 years combined experience working in specialist investigations and will ensure all your suspicions are fully and professionally investigated - combined with our Straightforward investigation strategy, we can put your mind at ease while you focus on running your business.

  1. Discuss at length your complete requirements
  2. Prepare Memorandum of understanding and agreement
  3. Prepare Full investigation plan and approximate cost
  4. Carry out all investigative duties and gather all required evidence
  5. Full Investigation Report
  6. Civil / Criminal Proceedings if necessary
  7. Recover Costs if necessary

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