Fraudulent Sick Leave Investigation

Do you have reason to suspect your staff of false sick leave, persistent and repetitive sickness or falsely claiming injury compensation?

"Staff absenteeism is costly and disruptive to all businesses and affect bottom line company profits and staff moral."

Increasing Fraudulent Sick leave

The majority of employees are honest, hardworking and loyal to their employers.  Unfortunately in some organisation there is a minority that will cheat by taking time off:  malingering, moonlighting, or even to commit other crimes

Staff at work may falsely claim they have been injured, they may sleep at work, or they may simply not actually do any work.   

Employers often find these unwelcome and unproductive activities very difficult to deal with without risking a grievance claim, or worse, a claim for  constructive dismissal and a subsequent employment tribunal hearing. 

Let us find out the facts so that you can take action to stop the unwanted conduct professionally.

Find out the truth

Our Investigations Team can provide you with peace of mind that your staff are legitimately taking sick leave, or are indeed falsely claiming sickness.

Whether its a single member of staff, or multiple numbers of suspected staff, our Investigations Team at UK Security Services will provide you with a simple and understandable investigation strategy to undercover the real truth.


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Our Investigation Strategy

Our Investigations Team have over 150 years combined experience working in specialist investigations and will ensure all your suspicions are fully and professionally investigated - combined with our Straightforward investigation strategy, we can put your mind at ease while you focus on running your business.

  1. Discuss at length your complete requirements
  2. Prepare Memorandum of understanding and agreement
  3. Prepare Full investigation plan and approximate cost
  4. Carry out all investigative duties and gather all required evidence
  5. Full Investigation Report
  6. Civil / Criminal Proceedings if necessary
  7. Recover Costs if necessary

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