The regular inspection of vacant properties is vital to ensure that the asset remains undamaged and unoccupied. Whether in a prime or tertiary location, buildings are prone to abuse, particularly if they are obviously vacant.

Our vacant property inspection service makes it easy for landlords to comply with the long list of mandatory requirements stipulated by insurance companies – which would otherwise prejudice their cover.

Ticking All The Boxes

  • Securing the property against illegal entry
  • Attend to any emergency maintenance or security issues
  • Securing all external doors
  • Changing all locks if required
  • Replacing or boarding up all broken windows
  • Sealing letter boxes
  • Remove any junk mail
  • Graffiti & Vandalism Inspections
  • Property Maintenance Issues (inside and out)
  • Clear Rubbish Build Up
  • Removing all internal and external waste materials
  • Shutting off the gas supply
  • Shutting off and draining down the water supply (unless a sprinkler system is installed)
  • Shutting off the electricity (unless this is required for viewing or alarms)
  • Inspecting property internally & externally every 7 days
  • Logging all visits with date, time and identity of inspector
  • Reporting any breaches to the landlord or managing agent and recommending actions to rectify the problem immediately

Visible Security Deterrent

Our Mobile Security Patrols offer an Excellent Visual Deterrent whilst our Security Signs enable a pro-active response to the common problems suffered by vacant properties.

Key-Holding Benefits

In addition, as your key holders, UK Security Services can also act as an escort to accompany contractors, agents and visitors wishing to visit the property.